Travel Tournament Packing List

At most travel tournaments, students will be competing multiple days. All students, regardless of experience, should plan accordingly. You can mix-and-match to create two to three performance outfits.

  • GUYS: bring two ties and shirts, one pair of slacks, one jacket, three pairs of tall dark socks (short Nike-type socks look HORRID), a pair of dress shoes, and a comfortable pair of casual shoes for traipsing across campus.
  • GIRLS: bring three outfits (skirts/pantsuits), three shirts/blouses, one jacket, multiple panty hose (if your attire requires it), a pair of low heels OR other dress shoes (like a nice flat) that can be worn with any outfit, and walking flats (or a comfortable pair of casual shoes for traipsing across campus)
  • EVERYONE: should bring one day’s worth of casual clothes, in case you don’t break to out-rounds. And enough underwear, of course (duh!). Also, bring a sweatshirt or winter clothes if needed; some tournaments (like GMU in December, Emory in January, and UPenn in February) can get downright chilly. Coach Gaba has thick Michigan blood and brings a sweatshirt. You should too!