Summer Debate Institutes

Returning Wellington Speech and Debate students are strongly encouraged to attend a summer debate institute.
Summer debate institutes can be amazingly beneficial when it comes down to maturing and growing as a debater and as a young adult. Our strongest debaters have consistently been the ones who have gone to a summer institute. You learn better researching skills, better character pops, better vocal structure, and better argumentation. You meet people from across Florida, the US, and even from other countries … and there’s nothing cooler than bumping into (and then beating!) a summer institute friend of yours from another part of the nation at a tournament such as Emory or nationals!
Understand that most institutes do offer some sort of financial aid, but they come in varying amounts, and there is no guarantee of receiving them due to the number of other students from across the nation who see financial assistance. The sooner you apply, the better your chances!
WE HIGHLY recommend consideration of the following summer institutes:

CHAMPION BRIEFS INSTITUTE (Ft. Lauderdale or New York City – CONGRESS, PFD, LD, INTERP, ORATORY, EXTEMP): – a fairly new institute, but extremely cost effective, and I personally know a ton of its staffers.

INSTITUTE FOR SPEECH AND DEBATE (Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Charlotte, NC – Congress, Extemp, LD, PFD):

INVICTA DEBATE INSTITUTE (Ft. Lauderdale – Congress, Extemp, PFD) – – one of the less expensive institutes. 

INTERPROD (Boston – INTERP AND ORATORY): – an amazing interp camp.

NATIONAL DEBATE FORUM (San Jose, Des Moines, or Boston – Congress, LD, PFD): (this is part of SUMMIT DEBATE, which includes the aforementioned  INTERPROD)

EXTEMP LAB (San Jose or Des Moines – Extemp): (this is ALSO part of SUMMIT DEBATE, which includes the aforementioned INTERPROD and NDF)

WKU SUMMER FORENSIC INSTITUTE (Bowling Green, KY – ALL INTERP EVENTS): – An extremely cost-effective institute!

THE GEORGE MASON INSTITUTE OF FORENSICS (Fairfax, VA – ALL INTERP EVENTS): – another amazing interp camp.