National Speech & Debate Association

NSDA National Championship Tournament Finalists, Semifinalists, and Quarterfinalists

2019: 3rd Place, World Schools Debate – Michael Bole (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), Nirmit Chandan (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), Natalie Navarrete (Boca Raton), & Miles Wang (Dreyfoos School of the Arts) (Paul Gaba, Coach)

2018: 5th Place, World Schools Debate – Michael Bole (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), Natalie Navarrete (Boca Raton), Brandon Schloss, & Christopher Slaughter

2017: 5th Place Speaker, World Schools Debate – Caramen McDaniel

2016: 16th Place, Congressional Debate (Senate) – Victor Sanchez

1994: 11th Place, Poetry (Supplemental Event) – Carly Earnshaw

NSDA National Championship Competitors

2019, Dallas TX: William Bussey, United States Extemporaneous; Zachary Jacobson, Dramatic Interpretation; Matthew McGann, International Extemporaneous; Nailah Williams, United States Extemporaneous

2018, Ft. Lauderdale FL: Bennett Aikey, Congressional Debate (House); Zachary Jacobson, Dramatic Interpretation; Brandon Schloss & Christopher Slaughter, World Schools Debate

2017, Birmingham AL: Zachary Jacobson, Dramatic Interpretation; Caramen McDaniel, Brandon Schloss, Christopher Slaughter, & Connor Yeackley, World Schools Debate

2016, Salt Lake City UT: Victor Sanchez, Congressional Debate (Senate); Zachary Jacobson, Informative Speaking; Caramen McDaniel & Connor Yeackley, Public Forum Debate

2015, Dallas TX: B.Kwadjo Walker, Congressional Debate (Senate); Greg Foster & Michael Leatherman, Public Forum Debate; Caramen McDaniel & Connor Yeackley, Public Forum Debate

2014, Overland Park KS: Greg Foster & Vinnie Gasso, Public Forum Debate

2013, Birmingham AL: Stephie Maravankin, Congressional Debate (Senate); Michael Reynolds & Nick Thibault, Duo Interpretation; Michael Leatherman & Yourui Ruan, Policy Debate

2011, Dallas TX: Katerina Mangini & Richard Odle, Policy Debate

2009, Birmingham AL: Amanda DeStefano, Congressional Debate (Senate)

2007, Wichita KS: Hayley Kolich & Michael Stechschulte, Public Forum Debate

2002, Charlotte NC: Andrew Stirling & Amy Foster, Policy Debate

2001, Norman OK: Shannon Munro, International Extemporaneous

2000, Portland OR: David Beckman, Lincoln Douglas Debate; Tim Case & Vanessa Rousso, Policy Debate

1999, Phoenix AZ: Patrick Dempsey, Lincoln Douglas Debate

1997, Bloomington MN: Mahesh Narayanaswamy, Lincoln Douglas Debate

1994, Kansas City MO: Carly Earnshaw, Dramatic Interpretation; Melissa Globerman, Lincoln Douglas Debate; Kyle Hartman & R.C. Rainaldi, Policy Debate

1993, Indianapolis IN: Christopher Chopin, International Extemporaneous

1992, Fargo ND: Delouis Terlonge, Lincoln Douglas Debate

1991, Chicago IL: Ron Anafi, Lincoln Douglas Debate; John McGovern, United States Extemporaneous

1990, San Jose CA: Ron Anafi, Lincoln Douglas Debate; Mark Price, Lincoln Douglas Debate

NSDA Academic All-Americans
(1) Student must be a member of the NSDA with an earned Degree of Superior Distinction – at least 750 points on record in the National Office.
(2) Student must have maintained a 3.7 minimum GPA out of 4.0 (or its equivalent); if the GPA is between 3.5 and 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent), the student also must have received an ACT score of 27 or higher, or a New SAT score of 1300 or higher
(4) The student should demonstrate qualities of character, leadership and commitment, as verified by both coach and principal.

2019 – Zachary Jacobson

2018 – Sara Casey, Julie Cesta, Brandon Schloss

2017 – Mason Graham, Caramen McDaniel, Connor Yeackley

2016 – Victor Sanchez

2015 – B.Kwadjo Walker

2014 – Madison Dalton, Yourui Ruan

2011 – John Cassel, Jack Townsend

2010 – Alex Hernicz

2009 – Amanda DeStefano

2007 – Amy Levine

2006 – Zach Hindin

2005 – Steve Sinclair

2004 – Jon Levine

2003 – Darren Goldman