May 1-4 FCDI Virtual Funvitational

May 16, 2022

Results from the 2022 FCDI Virtual Funvitational Tournament:

Prepared Prompt Speaking:

1st Overall: Olivia Winton

SLAM Poetry:

1st Overall: Paula Currea

Congressional Debate Authorship Challenge:

3rd Overall: Ewa Tryniszewski

4th Overall: Patrick McDermott

Prepared Commentary Sports:

1st Novice: Kelisiti Pinkney

2nd Varsity: David Goldberg

Pro/Con Challenge – Absurd Topics:

2nd Overall: Chiara Milazzi


2nd Novice: Andy Parica Sanchez

2nd Varsity: KJ Benham

Wellington earned five new National Speech & Debate Association memberships and degrees. Patrick McDermott earned the Degree of Distinction, passing 250 points. Both KJ Benham and Olivia Winton passed 150 points, earning the Degree of Excellence. And both Jordan Fernandez and Paul Miller passed 25 points, earning their NSDA membership.