Judge Training Workshops

August 27, 2019
Wellington Speech & Debate is hosting Judge Training Workshops in the Wellington High School Speech & Debate Room on the following dates:
Tuesday, September 10, 6-9pm
Wednesday, September 11, 6-9pm

This is an excellent opportunity for both parents who seek training and new coaches looking to learn about the various events and rules.
This is open to parents of all schools.
In addition, there will be workshops taking place at the September 21, October 12, and November 16 PBCFL tournaments, while the tournaments are in progress. If you are interested in learning how to judge rounds at the PBCFL Spanish River tournament on September 21 (and it’s a really cool experience), PLEASE let me know by September 19, either by email, phone, text, or in person. You will participate in a league-sponsored workshop in the morning, and be able to shadow a congress session in the afternoon, where you can see how this event works. (You only need to attend one workshop.)